North Dakota Archaeological Association
Founded on May 3, 1980, the North Dakota Archaeological Association (NDAA) is a non-profit organization of enthusiasts and professional archaeologists interested in the archaeology of North Dakota. Membership is open to all who ascribe to the Objectives of the Association.

A NDAA membership includes a quarterly newsletter, occassional journals, an annual meeting, and periodic lectures and fieldtrips.

Activities of the Association: Meetings are held in all parts of the state. Meetings usually consist of presentations, occasional workshops, and guided tours of sites.

Fieldtrips are arranged to archaeological and historical sites such as State Historic Sites along the Missouri River, the National Park Service's Knife River Indian Villages, historic forts, and the Knife River Flint quarries.
To organize people interested in archaeology

To foster the study and teaching of archaeology

To promote the scientific investigation, preservation, and publication of archaeological information

To enlist the aid of all citizens in reporting, preserving, and recording any archaeological sites

From Article II, the Constitution of the North Dakota Archaeological Association
Objectives of the Association

Feb 7, 2021 - Events - Update of the NDAA Annual Meeting agenda
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The North Dakota Archaeological Association is incorporated as a nonprofit organization and recognized as tax exempt under IRS Code, Section 501(c)(3).

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