Cutting-edge solutions for fruit and vegetable blanching conveyors

A reliable blancher is critical to successful frozen fruit and vegetable production. Any issue that you have with your blancher conveyor belt can affect the performance of your entire line. 

Knowing this, Intralox has created an expert team focused solely on developing a belting solution for fruit and vegetable blanching conveyors. The result: Intralox’s Series 888 conveyor belts for blanchers. Series 888 belts are available in several models and are complemented by the services of our blancher team to ensure optimal experience before, during, and after installation.

Designed for durability and ease of operation 

The Intralox blancher conveyor belt solution’s unique design features make it more durable, easier to maintain, and more sanitation friendly:

  • Intralox’s proprietary Enduralox™ material and wear resistant stainless steel rods ensure longer belt life and reduced risk of product contamination from errant belt pieces.  
  • The belt’s “barn door” style rod-retention system simplifies installation and reduces time spent on routine maintenance by half (compared to other systems).   
  • An open-hinge design, combined with molded-in sideguards, reduces time and effort spent cleaning belts.   
  • Unique sprocket and drive bar design produces positive engagement, even under strenuous conditions, and eliminates belt wear.

Case Studies