Can Washing

Technology designed specifically for can washers

The Intralox® Series 9000 Flush Grid belt helps container plants overcome many of the problems commonly found with metal washer belts, including shortened herringbone and belt life, heightened safety risks, and high surface tension. A truly long-lasting conveyor belt for can washers, the S9000 Flush Grid belt features carefully designed technology and is resistant to all chemicals and oils used in this application.

Because it was developed specifically for can washers, Intralox’s can washer conveyor belt lasts longer than both traditional stainless steel belts and other similar modular plastic solutions. It also helps increase efficiency by providing more uptime and less maintenance. 

Lower cost of ownership: This belt lasts five years or more in acidic can washer environments with significantly less herringbone wear than steel belting. On the infrequent occasions when maintenance is required, the modular plastic design ensures easy replacement and repair of belt parts.

Higher can quality and reduced can spoilage: The belt’s design ensures that the conveying surface remains level, even after repairs. Can tipping (from ineffective transfers or worn herringbone belting) is eliminated. The belt provides stability for tall and narrow cans (25 cL and 33 cL), and minimizes rim damage on cut-edge-down cans as well as electrolytic buildup between can and conveyor.

Improved worker safety: The S9000 Flush Grid belt contains no sharp edges, which allows plant personnel to work more efficiently and confidently.

Intralox’s Can Washer Optimization Program mitigates potential project risks by providing additional performance guarantees, extended belt warranties, expert recommendations, and a single source of responsibility for entire retrofit projects. Contact Intralox Customer Service for more information.