Component Preparation

Proven solutions to increase cooling efficiency in tread and sidewall cooling lines

Intralox began its long-lasting relationship with tire companies and major extrusion OEMs around the world many years ago with the installation of a sidewall cooling line. Today, in addition to tread and sidewall cooling lines, Intralox also provides conveyance solutions in the component preparation area for extruder feeders, takeaways, skivers, etc. With the Intralox positive drive system, tracking problems related to flat belts are eliminated, and conveyor belt life is increased.

Patented Cooling Line Optimization Software

Intralox has successfully contributed to creating more reliable and more efficient equipment in the component preparation department. By developing a proprietary cooling efficiency program that has been licensed to major global extrusion OEMs, Intralox engineers have enabled manufacturers to determine cooling line length, speed, spray nozzle placement, and more, in order to achieve optimal cooling efficiency.

Case Studies