Cooling Area

Cooling Area: Intralox cooling area solutions optimize timing, space requirements, and product quality.

Our main goal is to help you cool your product as fast as necessary within the minimum possible space while maintaining product quality. Intralox cooling solutions allow for better use of floor space, specifically when installing new equipment. In both new equipment and retrofits, Intralox’s solution cools your product faster with an exact amount of belt open area, while taking the best care to preserve your product quality.   

Our solutions are designed to equip your specific needs and provide the benefits you’re looking for. We have proofing area solutions that allow for longer runs without transfers, improving product orientation and facilitating easy and quick repair to keep downtime to a minimum.

Other solutions, like our spirals, eliminate excessive tension caused by metal wear debris and downtime associated with belt flipping. Intralox has a dedicated Spiral Team that can help you meet your most challenging spiral requirements.

Please contact Intralox for help with the design of your new bakery applications or for improvement of your existing ones, including high-tension systems (e.g., racetrack systems).


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