Dough Area

Dough Area: From first resting to proofing infeed, Intralox has the right solution for your dough area.

By utilizing Intralox modular plastic belting solutions for dough-handling applications, many of our customers have been able to add more water into their dough while maintaining the non-stick characteristics of the conveyor belt. Whether you want to reduce flour consumption, air contamination from flour, product contamination, maintenance costs, or unscheduled downtime, Intralox has a solution designed to deliver the results you need.

Some of the advantages that Intralox solutions bring to dough-handling applications:

  • Zero mistracking: related costs are also eliminated.
  • Maximum clean: Intralox belt material does not encourage bacteria growth, and our sanitation guidelines ensure that belts can be cleaned easily and effectively.
  • Longer belt life: Intralox belts last at least three times longer than flat belts.
  • Less product adhesion: we offer belts that reduce adhesion-related product loss by 80%.

Please contact Intralox for help with the design of your new bakery applications or for improvement of your existing ones.

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