Elevating and De-elevating

DirectDrive System Spiral: Your Single- and Bi-Directional Elevating/De-elevating Solution

DirectDrive™ System (DDS™) spiral technology is a flexible, low-energy solution to increase efficiency in can-making plants that functions both single- and bi-directionally. The positive drive of our elevating and de-elevating single-directional spiral conveyor eliminates misalignment, can be used in wet can areas, and can reduce up to 90% of energy consumption. The bi-directional spiral minimizes downtime caused by product changes, absorbs unplanned downtime, features less machine idling, and protects accumulated cans better with no back pressure. Benefits for your can manufacturing needs include:


•     Operable in various areas, including wet can, with zero slip

•     Enhances energy efficiency by eliminating blowers and filters

•     Keeps cans upright during unexpected power shortages

•     Adapts to instable power supplies

•     Reduces compressed air usage in plants


•     Provides production buffer in a small footprint and balances line operation

•     Eliminates machine idle time, such as frequent label changes

•     Minimizes chance of machine start-stop

•     Reduces downtime to result in more machine availability

•     Uses a continuous conveyor to make moving lightweight cans reliably smooth