Final Assembly and Inspection

Intralox VehicleVeyor™ Solutions

VehicleVeyors™ apply modular plastic belting technology to longer, heavier, and tougher vehicle-moving applications. They are simple to install, require little to no maintenance, and their modular structure allows for quick repairs, minimizing downtime risk. Compared to other modular plastic belts, Intralox VehicleVeyors™ can carry heavier loads due to their high strength in regular and electrically conductive materials. These belts are designed with Flat Top, Non Skid Perforated, or Non Skid surfaces for narrow, single and dual lane conveyors and full width conveyors.  

Intralox VehicleVeyor™ Solutions

  • Require a smaller pit as compared to reinforced rubber belts and steel flat top chains
  • Eliminate corrosion, thereby reducing expensive repairs and unscheduled downtime
  • Install easily with little or no maintenance requirements
  • Reduce water carryover in water / leak test applications with non-skid perforated belts
  • Eliminate tracking issues with the use of positive drive


  • Eliminates tracking issues with the use of positive drive
  • Final Assembly and Final Inspection utilizing S4500 (Flat Top and Non Skid) and S10000 (Flat Top and Non Skid Perforated)
  • Water/Leak Test utilizing S10000 (Non Skid Perforated)
  • Quality/Audit and Ship Line utilizing S4500 and S10000 (Flat Top and Non Skid)
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