Final Finish

Improve efficiency with problem-free sorting, merging, and conveyance of tires through curves in the final finish area

With the introduction of the Transverse Roller Top (TRT) belt, Intralox replaced problematic, high-maintenance logistical systems in the final finish area with no-maintenance, no-downtime, straightforward solutions. Replacements of 90- and 180-degree curves in tire plants have resulted in considerable uptime improvements.

The simplicity and low maintenance requirements of the Transverse Roller Top belts have proven effective on many final finish applications, including 90- and 180-degree turns and sorting and merging applications. Today, many modern tire plants have based their entire final finish tire handling system (including mergers, sorters, accumulation, and transport) on the Intralox TRT solution. Compared to traditional technology, the Intralox system greatly reduces downtime and maintenance.

DARB 4500 for the Tire Industry

Intralox® Dual-Stacked Angled Roller™ Belt (DARB™) S4500 technology is the ideal touchless solution for high-rate sorting, merging, and diverting of green or finished tires, both passenger and truck. Gentle handling protects the tires’ integrity by replacing diverting arms and pop-up transfers in sorting and merging applications.

  • Simplifies line layouts
  • Improves safety with gentle, touchless handling
  • Increases throughput
  • Reduces scrap and eases maintenance
  • Lowers total cost of ownership

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