Transforming Movement for Foam Conveyors

Solutions for All Types of Conveyor Belting for Foam, including Foam Bun Conveyors and Foam Racking Conveyors

Intralox modular plastic belting improves plant and production efficiency for polyurethane foam conveyors. Intralox’s solutions for foam applications dramatically reduce ownership costs by eliminating the problems caused by flat belts, wire mesh belts, and steel slats.

Whether you need to lower maintenance requirements on a foam bun conveyor, reduce product damage along a foam racking conveyor, extend belt life on a roll compressor, or resolve any other challenge, equipping your applications with Intralox belts ensures top-of-the-line performance backed by industry expertise, award-winning customer support, and written, money-back guarantees.

Intralox Conveyor Belting for Foam Conveyors

  • Increases plant production while reducing/eliminating product loss
  • Reduces the time and money spent on belt replacement and maintenance (e.g., increases belt life for roll compressors by up to 166%)
  • Prevents bun curving and other foam quality control issues
  • Eliminates the need for lubrication
  • Eliminates tracking issues


  • Pour Line Conveyor (Series 400 Flat Top)
  • Bun Transport Conveyor (Series 400 and 1400 Flat Top)
  • Cutting/Slicing (Series 1100 Flush Grid or Friction Top)
  • Roll Compressor (Series 1400 Flat Top)
  • Foam Racking Conveyor (Series 1400)