Intralox’s conveyor belt for IQF freezers ensures optimal design, optimal tunnel freezer performance

When choosing a conveyor belt for your IQF freezers and tunnel freezers, reliability and consistency are critical. You need a belt that will enable reliable performance from your freezer so that you can maintain consistency in the quality and throughput of your frozen product.

Knowing this, Intralox has created an expert team dedicated to developing an optimal belting solution for fruit and vegetable tunnel freezers: The Series 888 Round Hole Enhanced belt. This design breakthrough, combined with the services you receive from our team before, during, and after the sale, ensures that you benefit from an optimal IQF freezer conveyance solution on both new and existing equipment.

Optimal Design, Optimal Performance

Intralox’s conveyor belt for tunnel freezers delivers optimal performance due to its unique features:

  • An open-hinge design delivers even airflow throughout the entire belt to facilitate high-performance freezing of individual products.
  • A strategic pattern of evenly distributed holes ensures no clumping, no “dead spots,” and better product release.
  • Full-length stainless steel rods enhance beam stiffness and belt performance.
  • rod-retention system eases belt maintenance and reduces downtime.

Case Studies