General Assembly

General Assembly - (Chassis, Seat/Interior/Trim and Door Assembly, Engine Line and Final Assembly) Intralox PeopleVeyor™ Solutions


Automotive manufacturing plants across the globe have significantly improved employee ergonomics and minimized injury by utilizing modular plastic PeopleVeyor™ solutions to synchronize their employees and vehicles. In addition to the best modular plastic belting technology, Intralox offers a high level of technical expertise and service to help customers develop the best solutions for general assembly areas. 

PeopleVeyor solutions are available in a variety of styles including full width, long and narrow, and low profile conveyors.


  • Reduces worker time by up to 7 seconds per 20 ft (6 m) pit
  • Uses Non Skid Raised Rib surfaces to ensure proper debris collection and safe worker transfers
  • Contributes to high worker morale and improved productivity
  • Uses positive drives to eliminate tracking issues and associated downtime
  • Features less surging and pulsating than other modular plastic belts
  • Provides easy installation and reduced maintenance

PeopleVeyor Solutions

  • Low profile conveyors at 5 in (127 mm) total height utilize Series 1000 Non Skid Raised Rib
  • Safety conveyors with patented Non Skid Raised Rib design available in S1000, S1200, S4500, and S10000
  • Very long and/or narrow conveyors at over 800 ft (250 m) long utilize S10000 (Flat Top and Non Skid Raised Rib)
PeopleVeyor 解决方案
PeopleVeyor 解决方案

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