High Impact

Intralox Tough Belt delivers remarkable durability

The Intralox Tough Belt is an ultra high-performance belt for extreme impact applications.

The Tough Belt’s nearly unbreakable Hi-Impact material makes it an ideal solution for bone discard and rehang lines as it can absorb at least five times the impact energy of alternatives, with no breakage. As a result, it is estimated to last two to three times longer than alternative belting.

Also available are Streamline Tough Flights, designed to deliver long service life in high-impact elevator and incline/decline applications.

“I worked [the Tough Belt] over with the largest sledge hammer in our machine shop. I was shocked to see it stand up to the blows. No plastic splinters came off – absolutely no signs of breaking.

I can see this belt solving impact problems in several applications. We have one very troublesome incline conveyor in the slaughter area. I plan to install the Intralox Tough Belt as soon as this belt comes up for replacement."

Engineer, Large beef and lamb producer, Northern Ireland  

Case Studies

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