Hygienic Processing

ThermoDrive belting for fruit and vegetable processors ensures reduced maintenance costs, improved sanitation

The conditions of fruit and vegetable processing dictate the need for a high-performing, dependable hygienic belting solution. Traditional flat belting used in food plants need constant tracking, tensioning and have exposed fabric hygiene issues. Fruit and vegetable processing facilities that utilize ThermoDrive® homogeneous conveyor belts realize reduced maintenance, improved sanitation, premium quality, and increased production. That’s the purpose behind the belt.

ThermoDrive belts are the only positively driven homogeneous belts that are tensionless, a feature made possible by Intralox’s patented position limiter devices and technology. ThermoDrive technology also allows the belt to be troughed, making it suitable for applications where this feature is required or advantageous. This enables proper control of product, enhanced hygienic performance, and improved yield.

Utilizing ThermoDrive technology for hygienic applications enables critical benefits:

Reduced Maintenance

Because ThermoDrive belts require no tensioning or tracking, maintenance (including belt and bearing replacement costs) is greatly reduced, belt life is extended, and conveyor operation is more efficient.

Improved Sanitation

A hygienic design ensures that belts can be easily lifted off the conveyor frame and moved during cleaning. This results in fast and effective sanitation and eliminates the need for removing, releasing, or re-tensioning the belt.

Improved sanitation assures uncompromised food safety. ThermoDrive belting’s nonporous thermoplastic material does not crack or fray, which eliminates food contamination risks and consistently delivers low swab counts.

Increased Production

ThermoDrive belting ensures production flexibility with reduced product loss due to its homogeneous surface; the availability of belt styles and configuration options; and its resilience across a wide range of temperatures. 

Enhanced Operational Efficiencies

Improved maintenance, sanitation, and production results in significant benefits for overall plant processes and performance.

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