Pan Area

ProTrax Magnetic Conveyor Belts The Plan for Your Pans

The Intralox® ProTrax™ magnetic conveyor belt is a breakthrough solution for common pan area applications, including pan inclines and declines, metering conveyors, depanners/de-lidders, and radius pan conveyors. Winner of the American Society of Baking (ASB) Innovation Award for Operational Excellence, the patented ProTrax belt features permanent magnets embedded within the belt. The pattern and distribution of magnetic modules is configurable based on specific application needs.

ProTrax belts can help you lower labor costs and minimize maintenance by delivering critical pan area benefits:

  • Maintain pan orientation and eliminate pan jams
  • Reduce product contamination risks
  • Extend belt and pan life
  • Achieve stable performance in hot, dry, and oily environments
  • Increase pan conveyance versatility

In addition to the ProTrax magnetic conveyor belt, we offer an array of standard (nonmagnetic) pan area conveyance solutions. Contact Intralox Customer Service for more information.

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