Polybag Handling

Reliable polybag handling for sorting, merging, switching, and aligning

Polybag Handling

Intralox's Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology solutions for polybag sorting and merging enable remarkable performances for a range of package types within a short footprint. The DARB™ Sorter S4500, ARB Sorter S7000, and ARB Merge S7000 are the most capable sorting and merging material-handling technologies on the market for polybags. The ARB Aligner S7000 offers reliable positioning in a short footprint, and the ARB Switch S7000 enables polybag laning.

Eaches Sorting

The next evolution of Intralox equipment reliably and gently sorts eaches, including electronics, home goods, and personal care items in their primary packaging. Items can be extremely small and have various shapes and package types.

Click here to see Intralox's ARB S7050 Sorter in action

Benefits and Capabilities

  • Maintaining precise gapping while aligning, centering, or positioning products
  • Merging products through multiple infeeds
  • Merging products prior to sorting, scanning, labeling, or printing operations
  • Providing high throughput with an impressive range of product types
  • Switching into multiple destination lanes from multiple infeed lanes
  • Aligning or centering for downstream processes such as sorting, labeling, or printing

Case Studies