Providing you with the best belt for your specific processing application that delivers maximum benefit to your operations.


Intralox has been at the forefront of food-processing conveyor technology for over thirty-five years. We’ve worked with industry leaders to achieve numerous successes, and then applied that knowledge to discover more innovative ways to increase throughput and reduce downtime in fruit and vegetable processing.

The processing area of a plant, including cooking, draining, and freezing applications, is most critical to the quality of the end product. Any changes in processing time, temperature, and surrounding environment greatly impact the final product. We recognize the importance of maintaining process consistency in this sensitive area while accommodating a diverse product range.

Having the right conveyor belt for each processing application can greatly improve operations. Open area on the belt is crucial to allow for optimal product contact surface and proper drainage. Belt surface is vital in influencing product sticking, which can result in costly product wastage and product contamination. Additionally, conveyor belts can greatly impact sanitation and hygiene.

Intralox products have proven to increase efficiency and reduce costs in virtually every application for fruit and vegetable processing:

  • Blanching
  • Elevating
  • Pasteurizing
  • Freezing
  • Cooking

Food processors have increased operational efficiency with Intralox flights, scoops, and buckets on elevator applications. They’ve reduced product loss by using Intralox anti-stick flights with smart features that inhibit product sticking: a dense pattern of vertical ribs and surface nubs. And, fresh cut producers who have upgraded or retrofitted to Intralox technology have reduced carryover by an average of 60%.


Case Studies