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Our radius conveyor belts help you change the direction of your lines—for the better

Aluminum drink-can six-packs on radius conveyor belt

Radius Conveyor BeltsThe unique challenges of curved conveyors are no match for the right Intralox radius belt solution.

Curved conveyors are a crucial part of your line, as they allow you to turn products, change line direction, avoid obstructions, and save floor space. But they can also be uniquely challenging. Designed by radius conveyor experts, Intralox radius solutions can help you:

  • Minimize unscheduled downtime and maximize belt life
  • Eliminate product damage from transfers or contamination
  • Enhance available floor space and layout flexibility

Since the Intralox install, we have had no downtime resulting from the curve. This is a great example of problem solving, improving line efficiency and throughput, and reducing operational costs.

Plant Operations Manager
Global Beverage Bottler


Intralox radius conveyor belts offer many key benefits, including:

  • Longer belt life with less belt wear, stress, or fatigue
  • Fewer transfers and dead plates
  • Reliable product transfers, especially for small products
  • Simplified maintenance through belt and component standardization


How can our radius solutions deliver value for you?

Bags of frozen vegetables on radius conveyor belt

Product Quality

By enabling predictable product handling, longer belt runs, and dual-turn (also known as "S-curve") configurations, our radius solutions help you minimize transfers, eliminate damage and waste, and protect against breakage. For direct food contact applications, we offer cleanable, FDA-approved radius belt options to help you safeguard against product contamination risks.

Four pack of aluminum cans crossing radius conveyor belt tight transfer


Minimize transfers by enabling longer runs and S-curve or dual-turn configurations. By eliminating dead plates, you can reduce maintenance and simplify conveyor setup/installation.

For tight transfers, the Intralox Series 2300 Flush Grid Nose-Roller Tight Turning belt ensures smooth, tight transfers by offering the ability to go around a 0.75 in (19.05 mm) nose roller.

Download our Series 2300 Flush Grid Nose-Roller Tight Turning Belt Product Highlight (PDF)

Ready meals on ZERO TANGENT Radius belt

Layout Flexibility

Radius belts give engineers the freedom to design flexible line layouts with long runs and optimal floor space usage. The Intralox Series 2100 ZERO TANGENT Radius belt takes these benefits to another level by enabling the design and fabrication of zero-tangent turns. Its compact design and smaller inner radii improve layout flexibility and reduce floor space usage.

Learn more about the Intralox Series 2100 ZERO TANGENT Radius belt

Series 2400 Heavy Duty Edge belt with edge arrows

Belt Life

Meet the demand for longer belt life and higher duty cycles. Our radius belts are designed to transport products over a nose-roller without losing durability, and our radius-belt-edge bearings eliminate issues that can arise when reaching pressure velocity limits. Our radius belt innovations include the Series 2400 Radius with Heavy-Duty Edge (HDE), which provides fault-tolerant edge design based on our patented Load-Sharing edge technology.

Learn more about our Series 2400 Radius HDE belt

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Versatility and Standardization

Intralox is a single-source supplier for radius belts across your entire plant, and our solutions are interoperable with each other and with other Intralox belts. Standardizing to Intralox simplifies your maintenance needs by making it quick and easy to find the right replacement parts and train maintenance personnel. You’ll also minimize your spare parts inventory needs and the chance for errors.

For equipment manufacturers, partnering with Intralox helps you save money and time by reducing the number of standard conveyor options required.