Sheet Handling

Corrugated Board (Sheet Handling)


Intralox-equipped conveyors help our customers see an improvement in product quality and stability, while reducing overall downtime and maintenance costs. Strong enough to hold workers safely, Intralox belts last longer, and manage turns and transfers with precision and ease.

Corrugated Board (Sheet Handling) Solutions

  • Provide smooth transfers
  • Eliminate stack creep, instability and pressure damage
  • Fully supports worker's feet, creating more stable walkway
  • Attribute to longer belt life, with less wear
  • Allow for more load and longer conveyors
  • Offer better tracking, less skipping
  • Manage 90 degree turns with precision
  • Make installation and maintenance easy


  • Down Stackers - Series 1400 Flat Top
  • Takeaway/Centering/Pusher Conveyors - Series 1400 Flat Top
  • Transfer Car - Series 1400 Flat Top
  • Work in Progress (WIP) Storage - Series 900 Flat Top and Series 1400 Flat Top
  • Sheet Inserters - Series 900 Flat Friction Top and Series 1400 Flat Friction Top
  • Stack Turner - Series 400 Ball Belt, Series 900 Flat Top and Series 1400 Flat Top
  • 90 Degree Turn Conveyor - Series 400 Ball Belt, Series 1000 Flat Top and Series 1400 Flat Top MTW
  • Pallet Handling - Series 1400 Flat Top