From receiving to packaging, Intralox provides the Snack Food industry with proven solutions for peace of mind on plant-wide applications.

With a strong commitment to innovation and a worldwide team of experts, Intralox continually delivers smart conveyor belting solutions to the Snack Food industry that improve operational efficiencies in each area of the plant.

We’ve worked with snack producers around the world for over thirty years to help them increase profitability by reducing maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime and increasing product throughput.

Intralox solutions have long been applied in traditional applications such as peeler-to-sorter, incline-to-packaging, and various applications in the back end of snack plants. Now, with our new abrasion-resistant solution, waste-reduction program, and Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB) technology, we are helping our customers be more profitable in areas such as potato receiving, processing, and packaging.

“Since installing the Series 1700 Abrasion Resistant System three years ago on our flume discharge, we’ve reduced unscheduled downtime dramatically by 90%. The S1700 belt has performed as Intralox promised—it’s long-lasting and has significantly improved the performance of our potato receiving line.” 

Process Areas

Case Studies

  • ThermoDrive Reduces Cleaning Labor by 75%, Cleaning Time by 50% for Snack Producer
  • Martin’s Elevates Potato Chip Line with ThermoDrive Technology
  • Intralox Partners with PepsiCo to Increase Capacity and Reduce Labor Requirements