Intralox’s Innovative Packer to Palletizer Belt Technology

Your one source for risk-free, future-ready, proven Packer to Palletizer conveyance belting solutions.

Launch products in new package formats, upgrade your existing plants, handle new and existing products on the same line, and maintain high-quality product conveyance with Intralox’s innovative belting solutions.

Bagged vegetables on conveyor belt transfer

Intralox Accumulation Technology

Overhead shot of bottles on Series 1000 rollers and accumulation belting

Series 1000 BeltingDesigned for Accumulation Conveyance Applications

Intralox’s S1000 belting offers advanced technology to enable flexible line layouts and is designed for general (straight) transport, accumulation, brake-stop, and meter-spacing.

Intralox Radius Technology

Ready meals on Series 2100 ZERO TANGENT Radius Belt

Series 2100 ZERO TANGENT Radius BeltInnovative Belt Curve Conveyor Technology

A new solution for curved conveyors, the Intralox S2100 ZERO TANGENT Radius Flat Top belt allows equipment manufacturers to both design and fabricate zero tangent curves.

Aluminum drink-can six-packs on radius conveyor belt

Series 2300 Flush Grid Nose-Roller Tight TurningDesigned for Radius Conveyance Applications

Intralox’s S2300 Flush Grid Nose-Roller Tight Turning belt uses industry-leading design to meet radius challenges by analyzing belt speed, load distribution, and turn and width severity. 

Boxes on a Series 2300 Dual Turning conveyor

Series 2300 Dual Turning BeltReimagine Turning on Radius Applications

Intralox’s innovative solution enables right, left, and S turns on radius applications. Standardize with the Intralox S2300 Dual Turning belt to overcome radius challenges with difficult-to-handle products, higher speeds and heavier loads, and strict safety requirements.

Intralox Tight Transfer Technology

Coin straddling gap between tight transfer belts

Series 560 Tight Transfer BeltA High-strength Tight Transfer Belt for Seamless Transfers

Intralox’s new high-strength tight transfer belt is the ideal choice for handling small or delicate packages. With its 0.315-in (8-mm) pitch and Flush Grid and Flat Top surfaces, the S560 Tight Transfer belt provides a variety of unique benefits.

0.75-in (19-mm) Dynamic Nose-Roller

0.75-in (19-mm) Dynamic Nose-RollerPrevent Product Stranding, Damage, and Jams

Eliminate dead plates on your packaging lines with Intralox’s innovative 0.75-in (19-mm) Dynamic Nose-Roller. The Dynamic Nose-Roller enables smooth, tight, end-to-end transfers of small, delicate, and high-density ratio products.