Tire Building

Save space in the tire building area with Intralox’s problem-free conveyance solutions for green tire handling

Intralox offers a collection of technologies ideal for Green Tire Handling, and when combined with optimized layouts can improve throughput and manufacturing efficiency. From no-touch accumulation, to gentle sorting and merging, to maintaining alignment and gaps around a curve, Intralox’s low-maintenance solutions are ideal for transporting fragile green tires.

Zone Accumulation System

The Motor Driven Roller (MDR) Powered Zone Accumulation System enables touchless accumulation of green, cured, and finished tires to improve operating efficiency and ensure uncompromised product quality. Its straightforward design combines the positive drive and product release capabilities of Intralox® modular plastic belting with the efficient control scheme and power output of 24-VDC motor-driven rollers. The result is a cost-effective conveyor system—specific to tire manufacturing—that is simple to fabricate, integrate, and maintain.

Series 2100 ZERO TANGENT™ Radius Flat Top

The Intralox® Series 2100 ZERO TANGENT Radius Flat Top is a curved conveyor solution that allows equipment manufacturers to design and fabricate zero tangent curves. Featuring a smooth, closed-top surface capable of handling various products, this modular plastic belt ensures safe handling and smooth transfers of delicate green tires while maintaining tire gapping. The belt’s nonstick, nonporous material prevents green tires from adhering, creating fewer mistracks and allowing the belt to be used as a buffer zone.

DARB 4500

Intralox® Dual-Stacked Angled Roller™ Belt (DARB™) S4500 technology is the ideal touchless solution for high-rate sorting, merging, and diverting of green or finished tires, both passenger and truck. Gentle handling protects the tires’ integrity by replacing diverting arms and pop-up transfers in sorting and merging applications.

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