Archaeology at Fort Clark State Historic Site, July 2012
Dr. Mark Mitchell, Director of Research for the PaleoCultural Research Group (PCRG) of Arvada, Colorado and Dr. Ken Kvamme, Director of the Archeo-Imaging Lab at the University of Arkansas in conjunction with the State Historical Society of North Dakota led a week long field investigation at Fort Clark State Historic Site from July 15-20, 2012.  Their project investigated "the possible site of the original Fort Clark trading post, occupied between 1824 and 1830."  Following are three video links that document that study. 
The first video link "The Edge of the Village" is an interview with Dr. Mitchell who explains the goals of the investigation. 
The second video is a glimpse of the field activity at the site.
The third video is of the "water screen" where all the excavated dirt is washed to reveal any artifacts uncovered during the investigation. 
We hope you enjoy this "snapshot" of a field investigation.