Warehousing and Distribution

Moving beyond the traditional with Intralox’s proven material handling equipment

Warehousing and distribution centers demand efficient, reliable material handling conveyance systems that can handle a variety of product types with fewer controls, while managing amplified throughput within a small footprint. Intralox’s equipment, Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology, and layout optimization meets warehouse and distribution center needs with cutting-edge solutions not possible with traditional automated material handling technologies.

Contacting Intralox before the start of your next project allows our industry-specific layout optimization experts to review your entire line layout to determine where Intralox equipment can provide the most value while decreasing your overall project costs. For OEMs, we deliver unique material handling systems that lower costs or add required functionality to make proposals and project bids more competitively. We deliver end users the ability to handle a variety of package types such as polybags, corrugated boxes, plastic totes, cases and bins on the same line with less maintenance required and with smaller footprints than competing solutions.

Over 4,000 successful equipment installations have been implemented by retail, grocery, manufacturing, and direct to consumer e-commerce distribution centers over the past 10 years. Our technology continues to bring value with greater throughput and package handling flexibility in a variety of applications ranging from high-speed 90-degree sorting to AS/RS infeeding and outfeeding, picking up where traditional technologies end.

Intralox. Helping customers move smarter.

Common Applications
High-speed 90-degree sorting
Bulk sorting
Polybag handling
Layer descrambling
Mini load AS/RS infeeding/outfeeing
Zone picking

Case Studies